Drive-In Service Center

Damage appraisals, condition inspections, settlement transactions and other claim related services can be handled quickly at one of our drive-in Service Centers located at various offices across the counties.

Repairer Reinspection Service

Fax body shop estimates to appraiser's office. A senior appraiser will physically inspect and compare shop estimate with vehicle damage. Appraisers check for inflated straightening times, replacement part judgement, refinishing procedures, assumed damage, listing prior damage, etc.

Automobile Damage Appraisal & Valuation Service

A qualified appraiser will examine the auto and prepare an unbiased damage repair cost appraisal using independent repair time judgement, accurate parts/labor pricing, and obtain an agreed price with the body shop of the owner's choice (on request).

Truck and Trailer Damage Appraisal & Valuation Service

These experienced professionals are thoroughly familiar with design, construction, replacement part alternatives, and reparability of over-the-road equipment and commercial trailers. Aware of the disastrous effect of downtime, they will secure an agreed price from a truck repair shop and get the equipment back in operation quickly.

Motorcycle Damage Appraisal & Valuation Service

As the cost of motorcycles continues to escalate, it becomes even more important to make sure you have a qualified appraisers handling your motorcycle, ATV's, and personal watercraft appraisals.

Recreational Vehicle Damage Appraisal & Valuation Service

These professionals are well known in the RV industry for their expertise in handling motor home, travel trailer, and van conversion physical damage claims. Each appraiser pursues ongoing repair procedure training, maintains labor time data, material listings and pricing information to deliver quality appraisal service.

Construction, Agricultural & Machinery Damage Appraisal & Valuations

Appraisers have the "hands-on" field experience necessary to identify and evaluate loss related damage to heavy off-road mobile equipment, motor graders, excavator &, backhoes, dozers, forklifts, irrigation systems, tractors, combines, etc.

Mechanical inspections & Damage Appraisals

Specialists who provide automobile manufacturer mechanical warranty inspections, mechanical defect or fire cause and origin examinations are identified with this service symbol.

Lease End - Vendor Single Interest Condition Appraisal Service

A qualified automotive appraiser will accurately determine the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle at lease end. Appraiser will explain all chargeable damage and costs to the vehicle's custodian at time of inspection

Classic, Antique, Special Interest Auto Damage Appraisal & Valuations

These older car experts provide in addition to repair cost appraisals, Fair Market Value appraisals based on the vehicle's condition, classification, and comparables for the purpose of pre-insurance or claim settlement.

Boats/Engine/Small Craft Damage Appraisal & Valuations

Appraisers accurately estimate hull damage, labor hours, and material costs. Appraisers know how to identify metal fatigue, distinguish impact damage from wear and tear, understand the consequences of oil starvation, water deprivation, water ingestion, and recognize damage due to freezing.

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